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Diversity in the MA ‘Anglophone Modernities in Literature and Culture’

The strength of the MA ‘Anglophone Modernities in Literature and Culture’ lies in its diverse student body, which enables thoughtful intellectual and experiential exchange. The focus on postcolonial and global studies in this department and the affiliated Potsdam Postcolonial Chair for Global Modernities is thus not merely in name; with a series of visiting guest faculty from postcolonial regions and a student body from all around the world (from places as diverse as India, the United States, Colombia, New Zealand, Armenia, Germany, Turkey, Bangladesh, Brazil, or Japan), students learn with and from each other— inside and outside of class.

Click here or on the picture to listen to some of our students’ and guest professors’ thoughts and reflections on diversity in the ‘Anglophone Modernities’ in this student-produced short film.

Introducing: Anglophone Modernities in Literature and Culture

The master’s programme Anglophone Modernities and Culture prepares graduates for an academic profession in research and teaching with a focus on postcolonial, British or American literatures and cultures. Moreover, it opens career opportunities wherever an in-depth understanding of the diversity of literary and cultural developments in the English-speaking world is called for. This knowledge enables students to pursue careers in specialist journalism, publishing, the non-profit sector, translation, cultural education, advertising and public relations. The cooperation with international partner universities and institutions also qualifies students for positions in international organizations, higher education management as well as in archives and libraries.